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Today while going to tennis, I was thinking about an excuse because we lost track of time and were going to tennis late. We wanted a more believable truth about why we were not there on time than the fact we just simply lost track of time. It was only till I came home I realized that the lie itself was not even necessary. We made a common error and there would not have been any consequences regardless. We had a compulsion to lie even when it was unnecessary. 

I pondered on the subject for a few hours longer. I realized that human beings are compelled by their desires to break the rules, to be fractious. Despite not having the necessity to say the truth, we succumbed to our desire to have a better version of our reality. The subdued desire for infamy.

This reminded me of the Edgar Allan Poe short story, “The Imp of the Perverse”, which we had read in class. It spoke about the human desire to act against their self-interests towards chaos just because of the assiduous curiosity of the “what if I had”. Are we, as human beings, truly just wanting chaos deep down inside?

Lies are told on a daily basis whether they’re small white lies or more grandiose ones. Regardless, imagine if for each lie a jar was filled up a little more throughout one’s lifetime. How much regret would be in that jar? Would you even remember every lie? A lie is not always a bad thing but it reminds us that our reality is not perfect. A constructive lie is one that becomes a future goal. While it may be hard but each lie should be the first step of a new truth. With time, slowly and eventually, each jar would empty.

How many jars would you have to empty?