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Yesterday was my last high school home match for the tennis season. I decided that this was worthy of reflection.

All four years of high school I had played tennis. I was never really a maestro at it… in fact, I was not very adept at all at the sport. Slowly each year I did get better at it and eventually became part of the traveling team and even won a few matches. As the season and high school are coming to an end I am slowly realizing that despite all my complaints, I actually did enjoy practicing and playing. Regardless, I had failed to show enthusiasm for the sport. Why? I’m not completely sure.

Human beings tend not to appreciate what they have and instead lust for what is unachievable. It is a psychological tendency more than a personality trait. It is a form of motivation and drives a person to ameliorate themselves. This evolutionary trait may be helpful in some conditions but makes us forget to appreciate our lives as we live it. There are going to be situations that you only experience once. And I hope one day when I indulge in these events I will be able to think back to tennis and smile a little bit more towards the present than the past.