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Friends. People you enjoy spending your hours with for they can sympathize and relate to you. But why is it that most friendships come to an end. Incompatibility?

Or the lack of something new? We all contribute something to a friendship. Humor. Compassion. Wisdom. But after a constant stimulation of these same traits, we tend to expect the same characteristic and expect it will last and once again. Nothing new remains. Lackluster.


Sometimes you like to that these long-term relationships were never meant to be as humans started out as a migrating species. It’s simply anti-evolutionary!

But an end of a friendship is not tragic. It’s the start of something new.

But there are some relationships, you realize were made for a reason. You just don’t want to end those companionships because you know you would regret it. Even lackluster has the word luster. You just need to find the luster again in your friendship. And when you do, you realize. Those are the friends that will last a lifetime.