We have been told our lives are short and to live them to our fullest. This is true but even the most mundane of lives have a thousand stories about a unique existence. In fact, we experience so much in a life that it is not possible to remember it all. This paradox prevents controls our lives. We live so much but so little and we remember even less.

From since we are young boys and girls, our brains process so much information. Each neural impulse travels across synapses and dendrites and axons. The trip to the brain is a long one but it is one that happens so many times in a day we don’t realize its occurrence. Each day the same type of message may relay to your brain a million times but each time doesn’t lose its importance. You need it to function.¬†

Similarly, even though our days may seem short and repetitive, we simply just aren’t looking hard enough for the ingenuity in each second. Each experience makes us who we are no matter how mundane it may seem.

I am writing this blog to share some of my days so that I can remember¬†that even when life is not going my way, I remember that it’s these everyday moments that formed into memories which I have to recall to know that life has evidently not been a waste. That I have grown to become a different person each day. That I have evolved.

So I would like to thank you all for reading this. This blog will slowly help me gain my confidence as well. I want to improve my writing as well and am open to any tips and suggestions.

Thank you,

Kaz Data.